Thursday, November 27, 2008

NOTD Nfu-Oh #64, now that's a holo!

My NOTD is Nfu-Oh #64. It's a beautiful pink/purple holo (click on pics 2 and 3 to see bigger versions). This is 3 coats:Application was a bit of a pain. Like with the ChG OMG collection you need to work fast, and not go over the previous coat before it is COMPLETELY dry. All my troubles were worth it though. I love this look:
I'm even giving you a bonus pic of my freakishly large thumb:


Jason said...

NFU has such cool bottles!
This color is awesome! It looks a bit like a China Glaze color I've seen (can't recall the name though).
Beautiful nails Pixie!

btw, in case you are wondering, I am a guy who got into wearing nail polish (toes only) after my fun and open-minded wife encourage me to try it a while back. Now, it's something I really enjoy and I am glad I found your site. Your swatches and discussions are great, and it really helps me learn about what's new and interesing.
I like your Danish perspective too!

Pixie said...

Hi Jason!

Great to hear from you! It must be fun to be able to share the hobby with your SO!

I think the Nfu is similar to China Glaze BFF ... or QT maybe... one of those. The Nfu is slightly more pastel, a little more holographic, and dries a bit more matter. Both are great (or should I say GR8?).