Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another Haul: Nubar on sale!

I can't resist a sale, and we don't get many good sales in Denmark. Aromatique has Nubar's Trendy 1 Collection on sale. This is what I got:

Brown Gold Glitter, Illuminating Apricot, Lavender Shimmer

Orange Crush, Orange Glitter, Pasadena Purple

Pixie Dust, Purple Glitter, Purple Rain Glitter

Walnut (wasn't on sale) and China Glaze Octagon Wild and Tickle My Triangle

The two China Glazes were free. Very nice of them. I don't even think they carry that brand! Honestly I did buy a bit more than what I've shown here, but lets try to pretend my shopping is under control...


Brooke said...

I just ordered the two China Glazes you showed. I can't wait to try them on. I love all the chunky glitter ones you got! Can't wait to see some swatches - so get with it girl!!

Pixie said...

Lol, yes, they are gorgeous. I have actually just finished swatching most of the Nubars! Hopefully I can upload pics soon.