Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Konad Christmas

Merry Christmas, ya'll! Today is the 24th which means that we get our presents here in Denmark. Sorry if you gotta wait til tomorrow, babes!

Here is a pic of my Happy Holo-days mani + Konad plate M12:


Michelle said...

Love your snowmen!! And we get our presents tonight too... tradition was to open them at exactly midnight (so on the 25th), but it'll probably be around 10PM ;-) Happy Holidays!!

Brooke said...

Hope you get what you wanted from santa. Very cute mani, I need one of those konads, guess I should have asked Santa for one....

Jason said...

That holo is sensational! How do they do that with nail polish anyway?
Love the Konad too! I think we already got our present (from you!)

Thank you for the fantastic blog and pics throughout the past year, and have a wonderful Holiday Pixie!

You're awesome cool! :)

Sara said...

Love the nails. Merry Christmas from Sweden! :)

Phyrra said...

Where did you get the snowman? Did you hand paint them or were they stickers? They're awesome!

Pixie said...

Michelle: Thank you. Hope you got some awesome presents :D

Brooke: Thank you, chicka. I hope Santa got you a Konad even though you didn't ask for one!

Jason: I agree! I'm sure a physicist could explain it. I should go into nerd mode and research!

Sara: Thank you! *waves to you in Sweeden*

Phyrra: The snowmen were made by using a Konad plate. It's a laser edge plate with an image. You apply nail polish to the image and then you can stamp it onto the nail. Super cool!