Monday, December 29, 2008

Nubar Haul - Cheers

*Waves* Hello ladies and gents :) I am back from my Christmas trip around the country. I had a great time even though I wore the same manicure for 5 days which drove me moderately crazy! I didn't get a lot of beauty related stuff for Christmas. Somehow people think I have enough already.... But here is a Christmas present I got for myself ealier this December:
This is a haul from a while back. "Cheers" was Nubar's Christmas 2007 collection. Even though I'm sort of afraid of wearing (and trying to photograph) reds, I still love them.

Ruby Velvet (shimmer), Cinnamon Twist (shimmer), Flush Merlot (creme)

Lilac Cashmere (frost?), Candy Cane Lane (creme), Merry Cranberry (shimmer), Glazed Ginger (shimmer)

Which one should I wear first?


Asami said...

I think you should wear Flush Merlot first. It looks gorgeous in the bottle. Lilac Cashmere catches my eye the most, but since you just wore a lighter one, (Innocent Whispers) I think you should go with the pretty burgundy. :)

Thanks for the comment on my post about Biotin, by the way. (My Manicure.) I'm glad to hear it works for other people too. The difference it's made for me is just ridiculous. I buy mine in bulk now!

Pixie said...

Asami, good choice. It looks like such a pretty cream in the bottle. I'm excited to try it!

Phyrra said...

I think you should wear Lilac Cashmere!

What are the finishes from this collection?

Pixie said...

Phyrra; I love Lilac Cashmere too. I have no idea what it's doing in a Christmas collection though lol!

I added the finishes to the blog entry. I hope I got them right just by looking at the bottle :p

Phyrra said...

I would definitely try Lilac Cashmere and Candy Cane ;)

I prefer Shimmers, glitters, chromes, everything but cremes!

Pixie said...

Woot! I think I shall be trying out Flushed Merlot and Lilac Cashmere first then. Those two are also totally different, so it makes sense :)