Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Nubar Trendy Swatches

Hi peeps. I got some requests for swatches of my Nubar haul, so here you go. Click the lemming wheel to see a bigger version.

1 Brown/Gold Glitter - Nice dense dark gold glitter in clear base
2 Purple Glitter - Purple glitter is clear base, not quite as dense
3 Orange Glitter - Lovely bright orange glitter in a clear base
4 Purple Rain Glitter - This is definitely backup worthy. Amazing blue and red glitter in a purple base
5 Lavender Shimmer - wtf, it's brown, not lavender. I'm not a fan of glitters this chunky
6 Gold Leaf - Lovely gold-brown with good coverage
7 Paradise - Pink/gold duochrome sheer
8 Gold Feather - Duochrome gold with a green flash
9 Illuminating Appricot - Sheer apricot with subtle glitter
10 Magic Sunset - Plain light gold
11 Angel - Sheer frosty pink
12 Innocent Whispers - Pink/purple with a green/blue flash. Sheer but incredibly pretty
13 Indigo Illusion- Teal-blue/sort of red duo chrome
14 Peacock Feather - Blue/purple/greenish triochrome. Mostly dark blue
15 Purple Beach - Hole crap I love this. Dark dusty purple/Greenish duo chrome
16 Pasadena Purple - Lovely bright shiny purple (only two coats)
17 Dazzling - Pretty sheer pink with green flash
18 Pixie Dust - Very sheer silver glitter

All of these colors apply and wear well. If I had to make recommendations, I think Purple Rain Glitter, Indigo Illusion, Purple Beach, and Pasadena Purple are amazing "in your face" colors while Paradise, Gold Feather, Innocent Whispers and Dazzeling are very interesting yet subtle colors.


Sara said...

'Tis a lemming wheel indeed...

Katee "e-polishblog" said...

OH I love numbers #4&5!!

Pixie said...

Hi Ladies! Glad the wheel was useful :) I love lemming wheels!

Phyrra said...

Thank you so much for sharing this! I HATE Nubar's customer service and lack of color descriptions and swatches on their site. Now I think I need to purchase Peacock Feathers :) I can't really tell if I'll like colors from them or not. I picked up Gold Leaf and 2 of the moodies and hated the moodies but LOVE Gold Leaf.

Pixie said...

Phyrra: So glad it was helpful :) Gold Leaf is fab, isn't it?

Phyrra said...

Yes it is :)
I actually just painted my nails, the majority are Zoya Yasmeen (a lovely metallic purple shade), and my two ring fingers (one on each hand) are Nubar Gold Leaf.

It seems like Nubar has some gorgeous colors, but their website design with lack of color descriptions and no swatches makes it very difficult for me to tell whether or not I will like a color.