Monday, December 15, 2008

Random Pictures

Since I know how much you love my non nail related posts (I kid, I kid, I know you hate them), have some random photos I took:

This year's advent wreath (check wikipedia if you want some more info about advent wreaths). We don't really light the advent wreath for religious reasons. More because it's a beautiful christmas tradition.

Another pretty christmas ornament. This one is hanging on our front door.

A simple bracelet that I got for breast cancer awareness month.

My new boots (made of vegan leather).

Stay tuned for a pic of the view from my kitchen window!


Nixxy said...

Those are absolutely bangin' boots!

Please don't stop posting non-nail stuff - we need to be educated about Denmark! (although as an Australian, I know alot more since Princess Mary came along...)

Pixie said...

Thanks Nixxy!

I live in the same town as Princess Mary and her husband. It's a small town (8000 people) so it's kid of neat to see them around sometimes :p

Brooke said...

I love non nail related posts!! I like getting to know the person behind the blog, aswell as checking out their cool nail polish stashes! And I love the red wreath. I made my christmas wreath for my front door this year!

Pixie said...

Awww, thanks Brooke. I wish I had the patience to make something like that myself! It must look fantasstic!