Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cargo Cosmetics are awesome

and so it their customer service. Remember back when Karla was kind enough to do a custom purchase of some $OPIs from Sephora? She also got some makeup for me. I've been wanting to try Cargo's new PlantLove line since I first heard about it, but it's not available here. I'm very interested in organic makeup and skincare, and it just looked fab. Anyway, I had Karla order a blush for me. She packed it incredibly well (we're talking layers of bubble wrap and sturdy cardboard box here) and it arrived in a million pieces. The pan had even popped out of the compact. I decided to write to Cargo and explain to them why I was disappointed with their product and a couple of weeks later this arrived: Inside I found:

and inside this was:

My gorgeous blush and a free PlantLove lipbalm!

I have to say that Cargo really rocked my socks with this and I will definitely be buying more. I love the packaging too. Biodegradable packaging + 70's style print is for the win!


BlueMeanie said...

What color is the blush? Looks like a very pretty shade.

Pixie said...

It's called Peony. It's a sparkly peachy color. Love it :)

MandyPandy said...

Wow, the folks at Cargo really are wonderful! Here in the US, companies are never that nice.

I haven't tried the Plantlove blushes yet; I've tried the lipsticks and I must say I was less than impressed. Cargo's regular blushers, on the other hand, are amazing.

Brooke said...

I love when companies take care of their customers It really helps them out in the long run, ya know! I love that lip balm

Pixie said...

Mandy and Brooke: I totally agree! I was so impressed with their service.

I haven't tried the lipsticks yet. I love regular Cargo blushes and eyeshadows too, so I'm sure I'll love this!