Sunday, January 18, 2009

NOTD: Nfu-Oh #59 over Lippmann Brown Eyed Girl

Nfu-Oh to the rescue!

Instead of taking off my Lippmann mani, I decided to cover the chip up with some flakies. I love the Nfu-Oh flakies and glitters for refreshing an old mani (anything older than a day is old to me). Nfu-Oh #59 has red/orange/gold flakes that flash green. On top of the brown polish the flakes look like amber when they catch the light. It's so gorgeous.

It's a lot more glowy than the picture shows. Flakies are difficult to photograph for me.


Nixxy said...

Oooooh I gotta get me some Nfu'ohs! That is heinously gorgeous! #:D

Shadowy Lady said...

OMG gorgeousness!! Where do you get Nfu'oh from?

Phyrra said...

That look pretty :)

I finally got good results with that color using it on top of Finger Paints You Hue! color.

Pixie said...

Nixxy: Thank you, girl, and yes, you need some Nfu in your life :D

Shadowy Lady: Thanks :) I buy them from fabulous_nails on ebay. She is really great.

Phyrra: Thanks babe, so glad you got it to work!

Anonymous said...

Wow, and I thought 'Brown Eyed Girl' was gorgeous.

But is it not difficult to remove the Nfu-Oh polish, on account of the flakes?

Pixie said...

Mandy: It's really not too bad to remove it. It's similar to glitter polishes. I use felt instead of cotton, and that has helped a lot.

Brooke said...

beautiful!! Looks very autumn to me. I need some nfu oh in my life too :)