Tuesday, January 20, 2009

NOTD: Nubar Glazed Ginger

Ohhhhhh. This is beautiful. I guess a shimmery red (or "A stunning multi-tonal medium maroon topped with a subtle ginger frosting" as they say on the Nubar website) isn't the most original color, but it's so gorgeous.


Brooke said...

I don't own any nubars. What do you think of this brand?

Phyrra said...

I think this is very pretty, even if it is dupable.

Vanessa said...

Oh; I love this, so vibrant!

Nixxy said...

Me likey! I'm gonna have to get some of these to replace my China Glazes I think!

Do you know if Nubars have always been Formaldehyde Resin free, or is that a new thing? ie - can I buy safely from their back catalogue of polishes?

Pixie said...

Brooke: I really like Nubar. They have a lot of sheers, but in general the quality is good and the duo chromes are AWESOME.

Phyrra: Agree 100%

Vanessa: Thank you! It's such a gorgeous polish!

Nixxy: I believe they have always been.