Sunday, May 3, 2009

NOTD: OPI Aphrodite's Pink Nightie + nail stickers

This is my first attempt at using nail stickers. It pissed me off a lot. I guess I just got some really crappy stickers (I got them free with with some other stuff on ebay). I couldn't get them off the plastic without tearing them apart. I had to apply all the little flower dots seperately because they wouldn't stick together. Is that normal?


seventoes said...

no, that is not supposed to happen. at least, with my nail stickers they don't. but with my nail stickers, i usually try & 'scoop' them off the sheet, instead of "tearing" them off the sheet. i'm.. not sure if that's gonna make any sense to you lol

& thanks for your help with the ocnail konad order. i took your advice & emailed kathleen again, & she responded just a few hours later. so, thank you for your help~

Mary said...

I'm sorry you had trouble applying them, but they look cute once you got them on! I use a toothpick to get mine off and layed on my nail, but no, I don't think what happened to yours is normal :)

Vanessa said...

Really cute ;)

tarotbydiana said...

The finished result is adorable. I usually remove and place my stickers gently with a pair of tweezers. It sounds like your decals weren't easy to work with and are atypical to my experience. I have a whole cosmetic bag full of decals! I don't use them as much now that I have the Konad, but I do enjoy them. :)

Lucy said...

Very pretty shade. Looks so nice on you. I've never used any stickers. I hope the rest come off easier for you.

Velvet said...

That's so cute together! You have to quit showing me Aphrodite's Pink! I can see myself buying this polish very soon!

Helen said...

I've never done decals before so no advice for you from me I'm afraid.

What I wanted to say was how nice APN looks on you. Judging from what Velvet has posted above, I must be one of the only people around who it looks terrible on :0(

Brooke said...

nope, I've not had that problem with my nail stickers before. Maybe they were old???

Pixie said...

seventoes: Glad everything worked out wiht your Konad order. I tried to get these off with a pair of tweezers but they were just so stuck. I think mine were just crappy :(

Mary: Thank you! I think I will try my luck wiht some better stickers.

Vanessa: Thanks babe :)

tarotbydiana: I do think the result is really cool and fun. I will try again with better quality stickers.

Lucy: Thanks hon :)

Velvet: zomg girl, get buying already!

Helen: Thank you! I'm so sorry it doesn't look good on you. Are you very cool toned?

Brooke: I think they were probably old and possibly infected with swine flu.