Monday, February 23, 2009

Fantabulous Soaps!

Look what I found in my mailbox today (ok, actually I had to go to the post office and convince creepy postie to hand it over but WHATEVER): Jovia Soaps. I won these in a giveaway at Casual Lavish a while ago. They were packaged very nicely:

The soaps I got were (from left): Chocolate Checkerboard (I think it's upside down in the picture lol), Knockout, and Orient Express.

Oriental Express is so pretty. They all smell really nice.

Thank you Jovia Soaps and Casual Lavish for making my day :)


Brooke said...

Those look some soaps I wouldn't mind getting my mouth washed out with :)

Congrats on your win!

ingegerd said...

those look graete!!!

Pixie said...

The chocolate one does look yummy, doesn't it?

They smell so good too!