Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hello Kitty Fauxnad Giveaway!

Woot! Welcome to the first Polish Pixie giveaway! I have two sets of GCOOL Fauxnad (fake Konad) plates to give away.

Set 1 (includes the famous Hello Kitty image!) - click to enlarge:

Set 2 (mainly flower images but also a cute mermaid) - click to enlarge:

Here are the rules for the giveaway:

Post a comment telling me:

1. If you love Hello Kitty or not.

2. If you would prefer to recieve set 1 or set 2.

3. Your e-mail address.

If you haven't tried Konad before, let me know and I will include a scraper and stamper if you win :)

The contest is open to everyone. Only one entry per person. The contest ends midnight Saturday 28th of February.

If you want to get your hands on all 18 GCOOL plates, they are sold by Honeyplace on ebay.

Remember to peel off the plastic layer :)

The polish I am wearing in this pic is China Glaze Lasso My Heart :)


Amabile said...

1. Oh YES, I love Hello Kitty!
2. set 1

Have a nice day :-)

terri said...

1 yes! I love hello kitty
2 the set with hello kitty of course!!
Ive never tried konadicures and want to try so bad!

Lina-Elvira said...

Hello :)
1) LOVE Hello Kitty!
2) Set 1
Quick Q: What is the polish you're wearing in the photo where you are holding the plate with the plastic coming off?

Kajsa said...

1. I don't know really.. I don't hate her, but at the same time I don't love her. But she is damn cute!
2. Set 2 would be cool! There's a few flowers I like.
3. monticka at gmail

birkinbagbeauty said...

Wow, this is an ubercool competition!

1. YESSSS, Hello Kitty is my goddess!
2. Ehm, set 1 (will there be people who prefer set 2?)

I have some Konad-thingies at home. I still need to buy the small press thingy (the double sided one)...

Flavia said...

1. I'm not really a big fan...

2. I'm one of the few people who'd rather have set 2, I like flowers.

3. flavietta.g[at]gmail[dot]com

Never tried Konading before, but I've been dying to!

brazenspider said...

1) I LOVE Hello Kitty!!!
2) I would love the set with Hello Kitty!

Thanks for doing this!

auroragyps said...

1. I've always liked Hello Kitty, but I have almost nothing with her on it (except some nail decals :) ). I'm actually a bigger fan of Chococat, but he's kind of hard to find. It's fun to just say his name: Chococat. :D

2. Set 1, please. This would be my first Konad/Fauxnad items, so I don't have a scraper or stamper.


kopf said...

1) hell yeah! I love Hello Kitty.
2) I would choose set 1 because it's so purrty
3) mycybunny at

Nessa said...

1. Not so into the whole HK hype, actually getting a little sick of it.
2. Even though I say that I would like set #1, I love roses and there are a couple on one of the images plates.
Thanks for this!
Here's my post for your contest!

CL said...

1. I do love Hello Kitty!
2. set 1!

I don't have a stamper/scraper.

Thanks for doing this! love your blog

Abby said...

1. I adore Hello Kitty ^^ I have a stuffie of her on my bed, aswell as several pens and pencils :) And that's only the tip of the iceberg :P

2. Set one of course ^^


Nina said...

1. I love Hello Kitty!
2. I'd like set 1

thanks for this giveaway!

Victoria said...

1. I just love Hello Kitty!
2. Set 1!

I've been dying to try konad and I don't have any of the stuff for it.

Tiso said...

1) I love Hello Kitty
2) Set 1 please

I'm a Konad virgin :-}

Thank you Pixie!

Vanessa said...

1. Oh, Pixie, I LOVE Hello Kitty!
2. Would love set 1 of course :)

Never tried, but I'm dying to since seeing all those konadicatures online.
Have a nice weekend!

Grace Lee said...

1. Hello Kitty is the cutest thing ever! I want to buy the MAC nail polishes just because she's on it :)
2. Set 1

Thank you so much for having this contest!

Rachel said...

1. I loved Hello Kitty when I was little, but I think I might have outgrown her.
2. Are those cherries I see on set one? I need them!
3. thomasracheln at gmail dot com

Nope, I've never tried Konad before. My birthday was on Wednesday, and I think some of that b-day money might be going to Konad. :)

nivipa said...

1) Not really into HK myself (dodges tomatoes . . . )

2) To be honest, there are parts of both I like - There's a really pretty swirl on the HK plate, but I'll say set 2 so that HK lovers have a better chance of getting her :)

3) nvp321(at)gmail(dot)com -- and I've yet to try Konad/Fauxnad!

neglelakkmani said...

Oh, I LOVE Hello Kitty!
And I love set 1!


So kind of you to do this!:)

Phyrra said...

1. I love hello kitty ;)
2. I would prefer to recive set 1, not only for hello kitty but for the pretty roses.
3. sephyrra at gmail dot com

I have a konad order coming with a stamper, scraper, and plate from as they had really good prices :) but I haven't gotten them yet. Instead I've been drooling over everyone else's lovely konad and fauxnad designs!

This is such a great giveaway, thank you for doing it!

Wan said...

1. I love Love LOVE HELLO KITTY!
2. Set 1<3
3. w.lok at hotmail dot com

I haven't tried Konad before but is dyinggg to try it out! Thanks for the giveaway Pixie! <3

Andi said...

1. I adore Hello Kitty!
2. Set 1, please! :)
3. macapplegirl13 (at) hotmail (dot) com

I've never tried Konad, just admired it from afar :D I would love to try it!

Great giveaway!

Andi said...

I need to correct my email address!

1. I adore Hello Kitty!
2. Set 1, please! :)
3. mac.applegirl13 (at) hotmail (dot) com

I've never tried Konad, just admired it from afar :D I would love to try it!

Great giveaway!

kitty <3 said...

1. Hello Kitty is LOVE! <3
2. I'd actually prefer set 2 though ... those flowers are gorgeous!

Steph said...

1. Love hello kitty :D

2. set 1


What a great giveaway :D

Citrine said...

1. I always told myself "nope", when I was in bath & body works and saw a HK mirror, I told the SA I am "too old" for it (the SA talks in a super girly voice and was at least 10 years older than me, said :"HK is for every age." I was like "Urgh...")

Anyway, but for some reasons, I do have a butt loads of hello kitty makeup pouches and utensils lying around in my room...for some strange reasons...

2. Set 1 (I know, too much competition)

In the rare case that I do won, can I get the scraper and stamp as well?

Kristy said...

1. LOVE Hello Kitty!
2. Set 1
3. kmoore(@)inspersia(dot)com
I've not tried konad before. Thanks for running this contest

Sasha said...

1. love HK!
2. Set 1
3. barelytogether at yahoo dot com

I have never tried konad stuff, but it looks so fun!

Miku said...

1. I love Hello Kitty!!
2. Set 1 with Hello Kitty! Ive been dying to get my hands on this plate

Anonymous said...

1. Feel rather ambivalent about it~ But HK is too cute to resist~

2. Set 1 of course~

3. x_xamiyax_x[@]

I have been wanting to try konad style manicures for so long~ Thanks for the offer!

Lucy said...

I have just fallen in love with Hello Kitty! Thanks to Mac for leading me astray. I've seen the logo and merchandise before but it didn't do anything for me. I would love to have set 1 also because it has a cherry design on it. I love things with cherries on them! I don't own the Konad but I sure would love to try it. This is an exciting contest. Good luck to everyone!

Lucy said...

Forgot to leave me email in my excitement. and that was plate number 1.

Rachel said...

1) Not a fan, but my daughter is...
2) Set 1, same reason as above (but the logical part of me is screaming set 2!)
3) osadczuk at yahoo etc
And I'm lame with no stamp/scraper/etc.

hi said...

1. indifferent.
2. set 1 most def!
3. xemailheather at gmail dot com


A Glamour Soldier said...

1. YES! I adore Hello Kitty and so do both of my daughters! They were raised by an "80's" momma so they learned right! HA

2. Set 1 is my favorite but I would love either of them, the mermaid is pretty cute.


I also have never tried Konad before...but I want to! ;)

Thanks for the great giveaway!

ingegerd said...

1 sometimes,not a fan

2 set 1


its so fun white give away!!!have a nice day!!

Melia said...

1. I adore Hello Kitty.... I have a mobile decoration with Hello Kitty on it.
2. Set 1

Dana said...

1. I don't love hello kitty, but I think it's cute and funny, just not for me.
2. set 1 because flowers are boring:P

i would love to get those

Pixelpig said...

1. I didn't love Hello Kitty before, but all the hype around the MAC collection has made me a new fan.

2. Set 1

3. karin.nyborg(at)
(at)=@, just to avoid spam if possible :-)

Thanh-Tu said...

1. I love Hello Kitty!

2. Set 1


I have not tried Konad before, thanks for this contest!

happy said...

1. I simply adore Hello Kitty and so does my 3 yr old daughter.
2. Set 1

I can't wait to try some Konad! Been seeimg some cute stuff. I tried looking on ebay but for some reason they won't allow me to order due to some lawsuit in Paris.

KelseyM said...

1. I adore Hello Kitty ^_^
2. Set 2

Nitzan said...

1. I L-O-V-E Hello Kitty
2. but flowers i love most- set 2

Halifax said...

1. I used to admire everything Hello Kitty (especially stationary and watches). It'd be great to have her on my nails.
2. I'd like set 1 if I win
3. juan_hurrican (at) yahoo (dot) com

I never tried Konad before. Thanks

N. said...

1. I'm Asian so I think I've been programmed to love Hello Kitty & the Sanrio crew...they are so damn cute!

2. Either, but probably 2


I've never tried Konad before =(

PS: Thanks for the comment you left earlier today =) What quilting/knitting blogs do you go to? I love crafts!

Jen said...


1. Love hello kitty! ^^
2. set 1

junjihyun said...

1. I LOVEEEE hello kitty!!!
2. I would like set one please.

thank you.

jhoannz said...

1. I love Hello Kitty! I really want to have one
2. I like set 1

Ane Kristine said...

1. She is cute, but I wouldn't say I love her
2. Set nr. 2

Thanks for a great blog and competition :-)

The Gazillionaire said...

1. I've LOVED Hello Kitty and all of her cronies since I was 5 years old (now Im 25)
2. Both sets! Pretty please


LJ said...

1. I love Hello Kitty

2. Set 1.

3. lauraebier at gmail dot com

Louise said...

1. Yes, i do love hello kitty!
2. set 1 - this would be my first set!

Alexa said...

1. I ADORE Hello Kitty! Love!
2. Set 1 =)

rasilla said...

I guess I shoulnd't be so surprised...but the hello kitty looks pretty good (despite being a fake~)
I do love hello kitty.
set 1 with hk

it would be an interesting first :)
thanks for hosting the giveaway

Pinky said...

1. Love Hello Kitty, not my absolute #1 favorite Sanrio character but very loved nevertheless. *reminisces about my HK backpack in 3rd grade*

2. Set 1!


Awesome giveaway!

Katie said...

1.I love Hello Kitty!
2.set 1 or set 2 I don't min

I've never tried konad before but I'd love to!!I'm so jealous when i see them on you!!

kr said...

1. Yes, I would take a bullet for Hello Kitty

2. Set 1!


Rebecca said...

1. I don't like Hello Kitty (honest but true)
2. Set 2 looks great

I haven't tried konadicure yet, it has been on my shoppinglist for a long time but i haven't been able to find it in my little town (northern sweden)


1- LOVE-LOVE Hello Kitty..hahahah

2- I did use KONAD before, i am in love with it

3- Most of all your blog is really interesting, so if i do not get picked i will still be a loyal friend follower on your BLOG.


Anonymous said...

2. set 1 please.

Anonymous said...

1. i love hello kitty!
2. set 1

i received a konad set for my bday, but have been having trouble picking up the image on the stamper. i hardly ever get a whole image. any tips?

Jacie said...

1. I used to like Hello Kitty, but not so much anymore
2. Set 2
3. jacie7(at)

I've always wanted to try Konad!

lausiepoos said...

1. Hello Kitty is the cuteness!
2. Set 2 please (and a stamper)
3. lausie_poos [at] hotmail [dot] com


1- Hello Kitty RULESSS !!

2- Set-1..PLEASE..hahahha


Chow my LOVELYSSS...hahaha

Rai said...

2. Set 1.

I never tried Konad before.

Azen Eunice said...

1. Love hello kitty. all the way everyday!!!
2. Set 1 please

rmcandlelight said...

1. Fell in love w/hello kitty since Mac's hello kitty collection
2. set 1
4. Have not tried konad, would love to.

Sammy said...

1. i DEFFINATELY love hello kitty !
2. set 1

ps. i havent tried konad before. i really hope i get to soon !

Rosanna said...

1. yes!
2. set 1
3. sugar dot lemon93 at gmail dot com
never used before.

Jane said...

2 surprise me
3 yee (underscore) family (underscore) information (at) yahoo (dot) com
Used? Never.

Datura Rose said...

I love Hello Kitty! I would like to win set 1. I've never tried Konad before.

resenn (at) gmail (dot) com

Joanne said...

1) 3 letters.yes
2) set 2
3) forevertwentyfour (at) inbox (.) com
I've never tried this. Sounds cool!

reana said...

Yes I do love Hello Kitty!
I'd like either set, choose for me.
ry2011 (@) mail (.) com

Jana said...

1. LOVE it
2. set 1 or 2. ugh, can decide.
3. spamisafish(@)gmx(.)com
Never tried it.

reana said...

Sorry, I forgot to say that I haven't tried this item before. I've never tried stamping my nails in the first place. Sounds like a great simple ideal though.

Jessica said...

1. I like Hello Kitty. Real kitties though are even better. :)

2. Set 1

3. jessica[dot]toney (at) gmail[dot]com

I don't have a Konad, so I'll need a scraper if I win! (please please?)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I love Hello Kitty ~ I am so glad that she is cool again!

Set #1 and I have never used a Konad/Fauxnad before.

Thanks so much :)

Abby said...

1. Yes I love her... so much so that I have two Hello Kitty tattoos
2. Set 1

Thanks for the giveaway

Desert Rose said...

1. I have loved Hello Kitty since I was a little girl! She's so cute!
2. I prefer set 1, of course!
P.S. I've never tried anything Konad, but I love the idea.

Kat said...

This is so awesome. I've never tried Konad before but it looks awesome and definitely something I want to try.
1. Not really. Sorry! I can't get into the obssession over a toddler's cartoon charcter.

2. Set 2. I love the flowers.


The Asian Girl said...

1. I love Hello Kitty. Otherwise, why would I have impulsively bought the MAC nail polish so quickly? lol
2. Set 1
3. askanasiangirl at gmail dot com

sizzlinggrace said...

omgomg giveaway! I've never tried a konad before though!!

love set 1 :D

windandcoffee at


kittyluvscolor said...

1. I love hello kitty!
2. I've never used the Konad but me and my little girls have been dying to try one, so I have to say their both cool, I'd want either of them!

Danica said...

1. Hello Kitty brings back childhood memories <33

2. Set 1


thanks =]

Jace said...

1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Hello Kitty!
2. Set 1, please
I haven't tried knoading yet.

Pumpkin said...

1. I gotta admit I've never loved Hello Kitty all my life. Through my childhood years, I thought it was too feminine, childish, and had once favor many other characters over it. Though oddly enough, as I grow older (now almost 18), I'm more and more attracted to the character than ever. My mind must be growing backwards, because now I love the pinks, the cutes, and the adorables; not to mention, the Hello Kittys :)

2. Needless to say, the one with Hello Kitty on it. Set one, s'il vous plait.

3. pumpk1n.shopcute [at]

Thank you!

Pumpk1n said...

Sorry, forgot to add that I've never tried Konad before. (:

HelloKittykure-ji- said...

1. 0omg i love hello kitty everything ...i have s0o0o much hello kitty it isnt even funny. im even having a hello kitty theme party for my daughters first birthday
2. I would really love to have the set with hello kitty!! please!!!!! email is

California.Doll said...

Can you PLEASE tell me specifically where I may find this? Trust me, I've tried eBay and other sites... and I haven't had any luck finding the hello kitty plate! :( I'm DYING for it! Please let me know. I'd appreciate it greatly!!!

Thank you! xx

Iben said...

1. Well i love Hello Kitty for nails and stuff, but not for clothes.
2. Set 2 please

And i haven't tried konad before, but i really want to!