Friday, March 6, 2009

NOTD: Fingerpaints Be A Palette + Konad S6

Brooke sent me this awesome Fingerpaints polish. She is the bomb! It's an absolutely gorgeous dark purple with hot pink shimmer. Application was great too.

Then I decided that it needed some work appropriate subtle Konad. Enter plate S6:

Hmm, it looked a bit better before, but with some top coat I am sure it'll work.


doce e bela said...

I love it!!!! my favorit color!!!

Thepunkcat said...

That purple is really gorgeous :)

Amanda said...

Beautiful combo!

Vanessa said...

Stunning! :)

Lucy said...

Very nice. I guess you have to be up close to see the pattern. Love the color.

Pixie said...

doce e bela: Another purple fan :)

Eru: Thank you, girl :)

Amanda: Thank hon

Vanessa: I'm so glad I got this color. It's the bomb!

Lucy: Yeah, and the light has to be pretty bright too. Oh well, live and learn :)

Anonymous said...

that purple with flower prints is amazing!!! i don't do nails but i love watching them!