Thursday, March 26, 2009

NOTD: Nubar Dazzling

Ohhhh, dazzling darling! This is a really pretty peachy pink sheer with green (yes green!) shimmer. It looks so nice. If you're into sheers I'd definitely recommend this. Application was very good and it dried super fast. The picture is three coats.

Sigh, today is sort of a fail day really. It's not the polish's fault, it really is dazzling. Fail #1 is that I can't find my large bottle of acetone nail polish remover. I usually keep it in my closet and they use a smaller bottle when I'm removing polish from my nails. Because I'm opening the large bottle infrequently to transfer remover into the smaller bottle it helps prevent evaporation. Clever, right? Well, not really since the bottle is GONE, and the small bottle is empty. I don't know how you can possible lose a huge bottle, but I managed to do it. So I removed my polish with non-acetone remover which is ok. For me it just always leaves a residue of something, so my polish will probably chip in 5 seconds.

Fail #2 is NailTek Foundation II. I guess it's not really the NailTek's, but for some reason I thought it would add a slight white tint to my nails and hide the yellow. That would be so nice for wearing sheers. Instead it just turns my nails matte yellow. It also has this really disgusting grey color in the bottle and it stinks. Maybe I got a bad bottle, but I'm obviously still gonna use it up, cause I never throw stuff away.
If you know where my nail polish remover is, please leave a comment and tell me. Thanks!

P.S. It looks like this:


MiuMiu said...

hi pixie!
i don't really like the skinfood aloe bb cream. it's scented and it smells like soap so i don't really like it. i've also noticed that after a little over a month of use, my pores got clogged pretty badly. after i stopped using it, my pores cleared up within a week. i still use it but not as often.

Brooke said...

I have not seen the nail polish remover - sorry!!!

Did you check under your giant thumb for it?? lol

Citrine said...

wow, you always use acetone remover? For some reasons, I think even the non acetone ones makes my nail dull...(So I only use nail polish once a week.) There is one wet n wild nail polish that if I do a relatively thick application, I can just peel it off...gotta love the zero hassle method...

And I need to do the tiny bottle thing as well...90% of my remover are consumed by the carpet...

Pixie said...

MiuMiu: Thank you for the feedback. I will need to be careful about wearing it then. Probably not good for everyday use.

Brooke: Oh snap, lemme check under my thumb.... no, sorry, wasn't hiding there :( P.S. I have an awesome picture of my thumb coming up. Just you want!

Citrine: Yep, actually I first clean up the majority of the polish with a non-acetone remover with moisturizing ingredients, and then right before I apply polish; I swipe the nails with acetone remover. I find my manis last better that way because there is no oil on the nail.