Tuesday, March 24, 2009

NOTD: SpaRitual It's Raining Men

I haven't had much luck with my SpaRituals, but this one is a hit in my book. It's a very unique light blue sheer with a pinkish gold duochrome shimmer. Application was very nice. In some lights it looks opaque, and in some lights it's sheer. The duochorme is very noticable and quite lovely. The picture is 3 coats.
Oh and I cut my claws. I still need to do a bit more work on shaping them, but hopefully they'll look good tomorrow :)


Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

that color is so unique
looks like it will be different from each angle

doce e bela said...

Finallyyyyyyyyyyyy my Konad arrived!!!! :D


Decorative Diva said...

That's a cool color!
I like the pink-blue-gold effect.

clockwork said...

I really like the pink and gold tones on the blue it really looks pretty.

Michelle said...

I really like this one on you Inge! I haven't had the guts to try mine yet ;) And I love your nails like that :D

Lina-Elvira said...

I love this polish, and it looks great on you :) *mutters incoherently about boring xmas OPI collections*

Brooke said...

great - now that song is stuck in my head! lol

Pretty color, but too sheer for my, I would have to do an undercoat of white :)

tarotbydiana said...

It has such a nice flash. I wonder how it would look over China Glaze Agent Lavender. I like sheer colors on my toes though, but I prefer opacity for my tips. It works great on your nails at that length.

Lucy said...

Very pretty color on you. Love the flash of pink.

Velvet said...

It's so pretty! Very nice color, looks nice on you.

Denny said...

I want to buy this color but I am glad that I am able to see it first. It looks pretty. Where were you able to find it?

Pixie said...

Yukemo: I agree. It's really special.

doce e bela: That's awesome. Have fun :)

Phyrra: Me too. It's great!

clockwork: I agree. It's cool that companies make these duochromes. They make nail polish more interesting.

Michelle: Girl! Use it!

Lina-Elvira: I agree! Much better than Christmas reds in March!

Brooke: It's a good song though :D

tarotbydiana: I think this would look amazing layers over an opaque color.

Lucy & Velvet: Glad you ladies like it.

Denny: I was lucky enough to have a kind American lady buy it from me. I think she got it from sparkling*nails on ebay.