Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Haul Day: Coraline, Cosmetics, and Feet

There are feet in the end of this post, so if you're one of those feet phobics, don't scroll down.

First up: My package from OC Nail Art with the big Coraline set, polishes, and new plates! I wanted to get some more full-nail patterns since those are so easy to use. Click to enlarge:

I'm very impressed with how Kathleen of OC Nail Art has presented herself to the blogsphere. Kathleen has made codes for several lovely blogger girls, and she is offering great service and free shipping to anywhere in the world for orders over $20. My code is polishpixie and gives 20% off your order.

Lets check out the Coraline set in more detail:

Some of the images on the plates are... akward, but I guess it's appropriate for the style. I love the animal images and the heart on c02. I'm also excited to try the french manicure plate. I've never done a french manicure in my life! I've heard that the Konad french mani images can be hard to place, but we shall see!

The scraper and stamper are very cute:

I won't be using the scraper since I prefer the plastic one, but the stamper seems like it's easier to hold onto than the regular version.

The Coraline polishes come in super pretty bottles:

I'm excited to try them out. I love my white Konad special polish. The black one can be annoying because it seems to dissolve when you apply top coat.

Is it bad that I'm considering ordering the small Coraline set too? The plates are different....

Next up a couple of eyeshadows I got from ebay:

The left one is from Estee Lauder. I used to think it was an old-lady brand, but they have really stepped up their game. The eyeshadow on the right is from The Face Shop (I love my Korean cosmetics). Look at the applicator. Isn't it just adorable:

Yes, I have a lot of brown eyeshadow.

Korean skincare from Skinfood:

My new summer sandals.

And me wearing them with my Zombie Pearl look-alike polish (told you there would be feet!)


Citrine said...

That skinfood scrub looks so yummy...I used to try the black sesame one and I almost ate it (I thought it was made of 100% organic ingredients) until my friend told me what the Korean at the back was saying..."Don't eat!"

I think I should dig out my summer sandals as well...I wish I could run with them though...

Nessa said...

I love the full nail images, they really are easy to apply!
Those are some cute np bottles for Coraline!
I agree with you about Estee Lauder, I thought they were 'old-lady' cosmetics too! I don't own a lot-only the samples I get from my MOM LOL!!

Velvet said...

Great haul you've got! Love the "strappy" sandals with your zombie!

The Mighty J said...

OMG how cute are the Coraline stuff? Awesome!

Tamara said...

Waaaah! I love the sandals and the skincare products. Have you tried the ginko BB food? I'm thinking about ordering that thing...

Anyhow lovely kit :o. You got me excited over that one..

Brooke said...

Nice haul!! You are making me want some more konad plates, grrrrr!!! Don't you know i'm on a no-buy until next month, so lay off posting pics of all the good stuff I want, k? lol

Can't wait to see your swatches with the Coraline set.

We ever gonna see any pics of you wearing all this makeup?

p.s. would your thumb even fit in one of those sandals? Just curious :)

Pixie said...

Citrine: Ohh, I know the feeling. I used to use LUSH Ocean Salt and I'd always eat it cause it tasted like lemon and salt. YUM!

Nessa: lol, I wish I'd get makeup from my mom, but she doesn't wear it. The full nail images are the bomb! Can't wait to wear them.

Velvet: Thank you :)

Mighty J: It's so lovely. I haven't even watched the movie.

Tamara: Yay :)

I have used the Ginko BB. It's ok (decent coverage, has no broken me out, good color match), but I feel like it makes my skin a little oily (I do have oily skin...). The Aloe one has better oil control, but it clogs my pores a bit, so I usually alternate.

Brooke: Don't remind me! I'm supposed to be low-buying too rofl. What a failiure!

I don't show my face on the intrawebz, cause I'm paranoid and scared that my collegues will know how much nail polish I really have!

And no, whenever I want to wear shoes on my hands, I need to wear men's shoes because of the size of my thumb!

Lucy said...

I love the sandals and the polish on your "zombie toes". Very cute. I was looking at that Coraline kit also. I haven't seen the movie either. I do like all the images on the plates. I love the polish bottles also, very cutesy!

Askmewhats said... shipping on orders over $20? I hope that includes international!!!! I am going to check her site! Nice sandals you got :)

birkinbagbeauty said...

Ohhh, I am really curious about the skinfood chocolate face wash. Keep us updated.

I like the Coraline set, although some of the images are a bit too goth for me. Did you order that khaki green konad polish separately

Pixie said...

Lucy: Thank you :) I'm really happy I got this kit. I think it's pretty unique compared to the standard Konad flower images.

Askmewhats: Yep, it includes international too :)

birkinbagbeauty: This is actually the Cappucino one, but I have the chocolate one too (still untried of course!)

I did order the Khaki one seperately. I think it's called Olive Green Princess Polish.

Olivia C. said...

LOVE the shoes!!!!

jhoannz said...

i love the coraline set... making me want to buy one... btw is the stamper two way?

Pixie said...

Olivia: Thank you. I'm sort of in love with them too :p

jhoannz: The stamper is not double sided. The two part is a small butterfly. Very cute :)

NinjaKotte said...

Hi! How loong did it take for you to get the konad stuff, im tempted to order ^^

Pixie said...

NinjaKotte said: I think it took about a week. I was pretty happy with it :)