Sunday, April 26, 2009

Haul: Nubar + Makeup

I finally got my hands on the Cleopatra Collection thanks to Gabrielle. It looks gorgeous.

I also got the Nubar Pastel Collection:

The boy friend returned from the US with my Sephora haul:

And since I got my bonus from work this month, I made a Cocktail Cosmetics haul:


Phyrra said...

Oooh! I hope you swatch all the pretty polishes soon :)

MrsKiwiYeti said...

Oh wow! I was not going to buy anything for a while... hmmm.. which kit should I get?

Denny said...

I just got my velvet rope from the U/D family & friends discount and I love all of the colors. I can't wait to see your swatches! So far I own 2 nubars (purple beach and iris dust). I like 'em so far and plan to buy more.

tarotbydiana said...

Look at all those beautiful purples lined up for a family portrait. The pastel collection looks great for a Konad canvas. I can never leave a creme alone for long. I always stamp over it or glitter it up. Can't wait to see how you choose to wear them. :)

Plastic Cup of Stars said...

Stunning collections. When are you swatching? I'm postponing my purchases until I see them on you.

Lucy said...

Love all the polishes you bought. Can't wait to see all of them swatched. Pretty please?

Pixie said...

Phyrra: Me too lol, not sure when I'll get around to it. I'm slow :(

MrsKiwiYeti: Ohhh, hard to say. The pastel one offers more variation. I really like it for spring.

Denny: I'm really impressed with the quality of those UD liners. Very nice! Purple Beach is one of my favorite Nubar polishes. I love their duochromes.

tarotbydiana: I'm really excited about the pastels. I think Siobhan uses them for Konad stamps too!

Plastic Cup: It might take a little while before I get around to wearing them, but I think a couple of the blogs in my blog roll has swatches of the whole collection!

Lucy: I will try to hurry ;)

Steph said...

oh my goodness! Look at those pastel colors! Can't wait to see them swatched! :)