Monday, April 20, 2009

NOTD: Nubar Twilight Kiss

I am in love with this Twilight Kiss polish. It has that muted, dusty look we saw a lot in the fall. It looks like a creme, but it has some extremely subtle pink shimmer. I think it's cool and edgy while still being subtle and work appropriate. I'd pick this over a sparkly vampire any day!

My nails a so long right now. I think they look badass!


Citrine said...

Ha...this kind of look like that done out in deco (?) from OPI south beach...I like creme lilac and that metallic teal from China glaze on your last post.

It's interesting I just watched the DVD of twilight today (and I was like "what's the point, just bite her and get it over with...") ...I seriously don't get the hype, about the movie at least.

Yumeko said...

aww can i have the sparkly vampire and the nail polish?XD

clockwork said...

very pretty shade, love how dusty it looks without sacrificing shine.

The Asian Girl said...

well, it depends how HOT that sparkly vampire is...:P

Lucy said...

Love that shade on you. I agree with you, your nails are looking badass! Is this shade made specifically for the Twilight movie? Loved the movie and can't wait for the next. I have to read the books yet.

Olivia C. said...

This color looks really good on you! :)
I like your nail length as well :)

Mary said...

Your nails do look great at that length! I love the color of your polish and like that it has just a hint of shimmer.

Polish Earthgirl said...

I love these dusty muted shades. They're very wearable without sacrificing the "unique" factor. Good choice for your NOTD!!

tarotbydiana said...

Who couldn't love a dusty purple? It manages to be both badass and Victorian at the same time kinda like a sparkly vampire. ;)

Pixie said...

Citrine: It does now that you mentioned it. I think they're a bit different. I like this better :)

I haven't actually watched the movie. I read the books this week, and despite being terribly embarrassed, I really liked them lol.

Yumeko: Of course you can, babe :p

clickwork: Me too! I love polishes that have that "dusty" look.

The Asian Girl: Ohhhhh. He'd have to be pretty hot to be better than this!

Lucy: Thank you :) I think this polish was made before the movie, but it's really appropriate!

Olivia: Thank you :)

Mary: Thanks hon :)

Polish Earthgirl: That's a really good description of why I love them so much.

tarotbydiana: I love that description too. Your ladies are so wise :)