Saturday, April 18, 2009

NOTD: Sinful #813 What's Your Name

Oh hai red cuticles. I guess when you use Yves Rocher nail polish remover to remove red nail polish it just transfers to your cuticles. So if you want red cuticles, get this stuff! Anyway, on to the NOTD! I had a little trouble applying this. Sinful's formula isn't always the best, and this one was a little tricky. Pigmentation is great though. I only used two coats. The green shimmer/glitter is quite striking on the nail. It looks like a starry night (in a galaxy where stars are green....)


Vanessa said...

Oh wow, stunning!
I was debating whether to get this one or not in my latest Sinful haul, and turned out I didn't...too bad, it's really gorgeous. Will have to pick it up later :)

Citrine said...

I have this too! (It's my first/only bottle of Sinful...I just thought it looked so special) Anyway, the color so dark that I always stain my finger tip when trying this out...and it makes my tiny nailbeds look even smaller...(So I painted it over one of my brushes just to bling it up.)

Nixxy said...

ooh slick and sexy! Me likey :)

clockwork said...

very much like this one, must scout out some Sinful stuff. ^^

Velvet said...

I have this polish and the color is amazing! So cool to wear!

Lucy said...

I don't have this shade. Very nice and I like the green shimmer

PhreakPhantasia said...

I have this color on my toes right now. I've had it on for at least 4 days now and it hasn't chipped yet. (No base coat or top coat!)

Nitzan said...

That's a great color! like it very much.

Pixie said...

Vanessa: I really like it! I think it's one of the better Sinful

Citrine: Yes, I think dark colors probably do make the nails look smaller. How did it look on your brush?

Nixxy: Me too :D

clockwork: I really like Sinful. Mostly because there are so many of them and they are so inexpensive!

Velvet: It really is great!

Lucy: Me too. The shimmer is gorgeous.

PhreakPhantasia: That's awesome. I think it would look great as a pedi color.

Nitzan: Me too :)