Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Konad Contest at OC Nail Art!

Edit: Holy crap! I just noticed that if you win, I win too lol! So yeah, you clearly MUST enter :p

Hi ladies and gents, I just got this e-mail from Kathleen over at OC Nail Art. She is having a contest. I think it's pretty fun since the B kit was what I started out with :)

Anyway, this is what she writes:

New Konad Nail Art Contest!

Kathleen of www.ocnailart.com is announcing a new contest for her favorite blog addicts! She is launching an International Marketing Campaign this summer and the first item she will be featuring on the worldwide stage is the beautiful and versatile B Kit! The B Kit (also known as the Luxury Kit) comes in a classy purple box and features 4 of the coolest Konad Image Plates - m4, m8, m15, and m21. It also features Red, White, and Green special stamping polish in 10ml bottles and of course, a stamper and scraper.

Now, if you know Kathleen, you know she loves Konad stamping nail art, but lacks the fingernails to really show off this great product to it's best advantage. Do you really think nail art afficianados all over the world want to see her dishpan hands? Nay, I say! That is where YOU come in. Kathleen wants to see what you and your readers can do with the designs and colors that come with a B Kit. An independent panel of 3 judges who are not associated with or related to Kathleen, OCNailArt, Konad, or any of the blog owners will judge the contest!

The winner of the contest will receive the Professional Salon Case - yes, the $437.99 (MSRP) superkit that has just about everything Konad!!!! It doesn't end there - no Ma'am! In addition to the best design by a blog reader getting the prize, the blog owner whose site referred the winner will also receive the Professional Salon Case, too. What is the catch, you say? Well, the catch is that you must give Kathleen permission to use your video and/or still photos in the international marketing campaign and on the ocnailart.com website and printed materials.

Get ready now because the contest opens today and closes on May 31st! Your entry must be received at contest@ocnailart.com between those dates! The judging will take place from June 1st through the 15th- with the winners announced June 16 2009! If you need advice, who better to consult than your favorite blog owner???

Entries can be in video format or still photo format or both. Videos or photos may be emailed to contest@ocnailart.com. Videos may be posted on Youtube if you'd like - just send the link to the youtube video to contest@ocnailart.com - it's easier than sending the whole video file. Also, make sure that you take photos of your submission, too, if you are submitting video entries. If you are selected as the winner, Kathleen will want to feature your artwork in as many formats as possible in the new campaign.

Send as many entries as you'd like to contest@ocnailart.com - just make sure your email has your full name and mailing address in it, as well as a statement that it is ok for Kathleen to post your photo and/or video. All work will be properly credited and unaltered, of course. Don't forget to credit your favorite blog.... if you forget, you'll get an email asking for confirmation.

The judges' decisions are final and no substitution of prizes is allowed. There will be no charges, no fees, and no shipping charges required in order to collect the prize. There is no purchase necessary to participate in this contest!

If you do not have a B Kit or are interested in purchasing Konad stamping nail art supplies, go to www.ocnailart.com and use the coupon code polishpixie to receive 20% off and free shipping on orders over $20 (after discount) - even international orders!

Get creative and get going!!!!


Brooke said...

I hope I win
I hope I win
I hope I win!!

here's an idea! You enter for my blog and then I enter for your blog - lol!! We can't loooooooose!! lmao J/K!!

Pixie said...

Dood! I'm putting your blog for my entry, but it's gonna suck so you better win for yourself rofl!