Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My New Love: Coraline Set 1

Just look at it (click to enlarge)!

The Nom Nom image is my favorite, of course, but I also really like the frog.

I've tried the blue and the pink polishes so far, and they make nice stamps. I'm happy that they have a bit of shimmer unlike the "normal" Konad polishes.

I also really like the stamper. For the scraper I still use my plastic one.

Check out the left side bar for a discount code and link to OC Nail Art where you can buy the Coraline kits.


Natalie said...

I love the Coraloine sets the images are so cute! Its been on my wish list since they came out!

Michelle said...

I got these polishes, but in full size (they're the Princess ones really) and I love them!! I just didn't see myself using the plates ;)

tarotbydiana said...

I have the second set on the way. It might be delivered today if I'm lucky. I want to get the first one too and use your Coraline code this time. I love the button and crossbones stamp!

Lucy said...

How cute this is. Can't wait to see what you'll come up with.

catwithaxeofd00m said...

I bought 2 plate, the stamp, and a blue polish, but i though that $30 was a bit too much

Pixie said...

Natalie: It's really cute, isn't it? So different from the rest of the konad stuff.

Michelle: The polishes are the bomb! I love the shimmer.

tarotbydiana: Ohh, I hope you'll love them :D

Lucy: Thank you, girl :)

catwithaxeofd00m: Yes, it can get a little expensive. Did you try out the starter set? I think you get a resonable amount of stuff for your money with the set.