Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hair stuff, Makeup stuff, no nail stuff

I've been doing a bit of shopping, so I wanted to share some (hopefully) cool stuff.

Makeup:Estee Lauder Caramel Shimmer Power, Guerlain Terracotte eyeshadows in 01 and 02, MAC mineralize eyeshadow duo, Smashbox Green Room bronzer and eyeshadow palette, and Smashbox eyeshadow duo (freebie).

Hair stuff:

Two hair bands from a local store. The brown one has a flower made of some kind of fabric, and the black one has feathers (my husband hates this one):

Three headbands from Dixie (bought at The large one is the one I wore on my wedding day:


Mary said...

You've been buying some nice things! Love the hair accessories, very nice, I can't pick a favorite out of your make up, the colors all look like ones I would choose!

Shayla said...

Nice hauls!

I still want to see pictures of this black unconventional, and so totally cool!

Sofie said...

As you were the one who got me familiar with Nfu-oh polish (and now hooked too :-)), I wanted to share a link with you of a Nfu-oh seller in Estonia I have been buying from and who offers Nfu-oh at lower prices than Fabulous Street. Maybe you know it already but anyway:
Communication is excellent, no risk on taxes as it's within the EU and the bottles are well packed.
I'm glad your back into the blogging scene, as a love reading your blog!
Kind regards from Holland

itskarmababy said...

I love the makeup, def. my kind of colors. And the hair accessories are fantastic too!

Pixie said...

Thank you ladies!

Shayla, I will try to get a pic of the dress. I've only gotten "paper copies" of the pictures at the moment!

Sofie, thank you for the link! That is awesome!

Lucy said...

I love the headbands. Especially the one with the feathers. I just bought a set of six from Fashion Bug. I was so suprised how nice they are. Very thin flexible bands. I also like the makeup you bought. Are you going to do any makeup looks?