Friday, January 29, 2010

Haul: Etsy and Book of Lemmings

I first saw these kitteh images on Citrines Blog (Citrine is da bomb btw, I read her blog religiously), and decided right away that I had to own the "kitteh with pearl earring" notebook. I found a nice seller on ebay and bought the notebook and a passport cover (which clearly is very appropriate for business travel).
When the book arrived; I decided to make it my "lemming book" sort of what like Citrine describes in her post. When I see something I want; I write it in the book instead of buying it immediately. My husband thought it was a great idea and requested a page in the notebook for his lemmings. I have generously given him page #2 (he wants a GPS, a new mouse matt, and a head for his shaver - BORING!).

The wallet is from Etsy seller THlENTHANH. I wanted a travel wallet where I only put the cards I'm going to need on my trip. My stuff tends to be stolen or get lost a lot (which is why I currently don't even have a passport), so I have to minimize the damage. The seller was very nice. I did not like the little bell charm that came with the wallet, so I asked her for another and she was happy to oblige


birkinbagbeauty said...

wow, I really like the ArtDeco cat-themed things you bought.

I love thienthahn for wallets. So nice that she mailed you another bell for the wallet...

Asami said...

When you need to come up with a gift idea for your husband, now you know where to look. Page #2, haha. :D