Sunday, January 3, 2010

Top 10 beauty stuff from 2009

With the enormous amount of crap I've bought in 2009 you'd think there were a million candidates for favorites, but the truth is that I tend to not use the new stuff before using old stuff up, and that takes a while...

The stuff on the list might not be from 2009. I'm a bit behind at times, so I'm sure a lot of it was released earlier.

10. Coraline Konad Sets
I like the funky images from the Coraline Konad plates though they are a little harder to use than regular konad. I also absolutely love the polishes. From OC Nailart

9. Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil in Pure White
My eyes are weird. Most pencil eyeliners (like the Urban Decay ones) don't seem to apply any color to my waterline. This one from Rimmel is cheap and makes me look awake. From your local drustore.

8. Laneige eyeshadow trios
I love the packaging with the reflective lid and I
love baked eyeshadows in general. I often bring the brown one with me when I travel since it's one finished eye look in a very small package. From ebay.

7. Sigma Brushes
There was a lot of hype regarding Sigma in 2009. A lot of people felt that they were bribing youtube gurus and giving away too much stuff. I bought the full brust set, and I think it's lovely. From Sigma

6. Pupa Baked Blush

I think I love baked blushes more than any other cosmetics item. These one from Pupa are impossibly cute, and they look nice on the skin. From

5. OPI Purple with a Purpose
Gorgeous purple polish. An absolutely must have in my opinion. From your local OPI pusher.

4. Eyeko Tinted Creme
This looks disgusting in the container. Like super nasty and dark. After you get the hang of applying it, it's absolutely lovely. It gives such a nice glow. I use it on my legs too. It's halle cheap as well. From Eyeko

Eyeko Cream - My pic does make it look a little grosser than in real life

3. Skinfood Peach Sake Pore Serum

I don't really know what's in it, but this stuff really works for me. I have oil skin and large pores, and this really does seem to help keep my skin looks good during the day. I'm usually not a fan of scented product, but this smells nice. From ebay

2. Sephora #55 Airbrush
OMG, I didn't really believe the hype, but it's true. This brush applies any kind of foundation SO WELL. Love it! From Sephora

#55 and friends
1. Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara
I've been using Clinique mascaras for year, and while I still like them; I'm very happy I've found a cheap alternative that work. Rimmel Sexy Curves is my favorite 2009 product. From your local drugstore.


rijaH said...

Nå så kom den :P altså listen :D Gode ting du har puttet på, dog er jeg slet ik enig i nr.1 :P men det er jo en smagssag ;)

Pixie said...

rijah: ZOMG, Jeg ææææælsker den :)

rijaH said...

Tror bare jeg er en maxfactor tøs :P det der rimmel er ik godt ;)

Nea/ Fashioned in Finland said...

I love Sigma brushes too! I'd need a few more but the ones I want, are sold only in sets.

Kelly said...

Love that OPI nail polish, such a pretty shade of purple! Konad stamping is great, I'm just not very good at it. I suppose practice makes perfect :)

Musicalhouses said...

I know this blog isn't about the Cargo blush in the last photo, but I'm dying to know - which Cargo blush is that?

Pixie said...

@rijaH: Det er 100 år (ca.) siden jeg har prøvet Max Factor. Måske er det tid igen!

@Nea: I think I got the complete set, and I love it. I think the only ones I'm missing are some of the newer ones like one of the duo fibers and the kabuki.

@Kelly: Konad definitely takes some practice, but I think it's worth it!

@Musicalhouses: That is Beach Blush in Sunshine Coast. It's so so so pretty!