Monday, February 1, 2010

Haul: Sigma Makeup

I got another of Sigma Makeup's spam mails the others day (seriously, do they have to e-mail EVERY day) telling me that there is a 25% discount on their makeup. I think it's a Valentines offer or something. That reminded me that I had already bought the collection, but hadn't even unpacked it.

It comes in a little box (I also bought a 224 brush and got a free travel sized 217). Their brushes are very nice:

Lots of stuff:A palette you can customize:

3 blushes (2 shimmery and 1 matte) and a highlighter:

Nautral shades. These look very wearable though I wish one of them had been a matte shadow:

Fun colors. Not sure what is "fun" about them, but they are also quite wearable:

Smokey eyes. I think these are great for a classical silver smokey eye:

Unfortunately; I was too lazy too swatch them, but there are swatches her
e: Vampy Varnish


Citrine said...

If you think the daily spamming from sigma is bad. Try Victoria's Secret, they send out 2-3 promotional email daily not to mention they also attack your actual mail box (once you have made an order with them...)

Aquilah said...

Okay, I might need to cave and check their site out again!

BTW, I awarded you here:!

Miss Patel said...

i like the brushes much more from this company, not sure of the makeup stuff

Allison Owens said...

Hey, these are really great products. Also, you can get further makeup tips Here