Monday, March 22, 2010

Haul: Evil Shades

Gah, I've been so busy this week; I haven't really replied to comments. I'll try very hard to do so in the next couple of days! Today I'm posting an "oldish" haul.

I think I got it a couple of months ago and forgot to post. It's from the mineral makeup company
Evil Shades.

I ordered the Multi Gift set with the three most popular lip and eye shades. I also picked up an eyeshadow in Mysteria and Devil's Bonfire. The owner (who was really nice and helpful when I e-mailed her) included a couple of samples.

The lip glosses are very gorgeous and very scary for someone like me!

The shadows had a lot of product trapped in the threads so I made a bit of a mess when opening (yes, I got some black shadow in the pink one, sigh).

The colors on the site don't seem totally accurate. The colors are a bit more pastel in real life. Still quite pretty though. I'll try to use them for a look soon and let you know what I think :)