Monday, April 5, 2010

Haul: Sephora

I consider myself very lucky. In between mixing mad cool batches of nail polish; mademoiselle Frankenpolish (if you don't read her blog, I'm afraid you suck) had time to do a custom purchase at Sephora for me!

I got the Tarina Tarantine brush set, a cheapo Sephora travel brush set that was on sale, a Tarina eyeshadow, a Cargo bronzer, and a Korres eyeshadow.

The Tarina Tarantino stuff sure has a lot of packaging. It's pretty extreme and I find it wasteful. The brushes are placed in multiple layers of plastic and cardboard, and they are housed in something I believe is supposed to look like a book with a mirror:

Who would want to keep their brushes in that? Not me. The brushes themselves are pretty tasteless (as expected). I like that aspect. I haven't tested them enough to say for sure, but I don't think they are anything special. Not really worth the price.

I'm not terribly excited about the Tarina eyeshadow either. It's a bit blah though the packaging is very cute. The Korres shadow is nice. Very metallic, and I always love Cargo bronzers.