Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More Impossible Lemmings - Oops! J

Just what I needed in the new year - more impossible-to-get lemmings. This time it's the Singaporean nail polish brand Oops! J. lol at the idiotic name, but I still want them :( The website says: "Apply it on your nails and be reborn into a princess, attracting envious stares!!" Dude! That is so me.




The Skin Boutique in Singapore sells them and they look sort of expensive. I'm also just not feeling up to being slammed with a huge customs fee for ordering these. Maybe some day they will pop up on ebay.


Nixxy said...

ooh sooo glittery!

Brooke said...

Great, way to spread the envy! Now I want them. Have you seen TiNS brand of nail polish?? If you haven't you should. Of course I have worked my ass off to try and get some. The only place I found the lady wanted like $12 a bottle, plus all that money just to get them shipped here, my order was gonna be over $100 for nail polish. But with my tax return coming up, I just might do it, eeeeeek!

Anonymous said...

I live in singapore but its the first time I've heard of this brand. Its so expensive! I can buy like 3 bottles of OPI at the same price. They look really pretty though. Maybe I should go to the store and look at them

Pixie said...

Nixxy: I agree! The stringy glitters look so fun!

Brooke: Haha, yeah, I'm terrible. I looked up TiNS. Those look gorgeous. So much glitter! At least the bottles are square and I like rounded bottles better :P

Anon: Cool that you live in Singapore. It would be nice to actually see these in a store before purchasing. Especially considering the price!

Phyrra said...

W03 looks like my kind of color!

Michelle said...

I remember someone posting about these a couple of months ago... so many colors i'm dying to get, but the price!! :/

Pixie said...

Phyrra; aren't they dramatic looking? So hot.

Michelle; Yep, pricy :( I'm still hoping they'll pop up on ebay some day.