Thursday, January 1, 2009

Nail Related New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year!

Hope you guys had a good party last night. Hehe. At my house we had a very quite "party" because my boy friends was sick with the flu. It was still a good time though, and I'm not hung over!

So, lets talk new year's resolutions. Mine is to remember to use hand cream. I don't have particularly dry hands, but washing and cleaning nail polish off with acetone can dry them out a bit. I'm going to keep a couple of different hand creams around the house and bring one with me to work too.

How about you, dear reader. Any nail related new year's resolutions?


Kristin Hildre Rørvik said...

I have to congratulate you with a very achieavable New Years resolution... mine is to get the drivers license, (and that would be about time since I'm turning 25 this year.)

Anonymous said...

Mine is to get better with the crystal file, I suck at the moment. :lol:

Elvira said...

Happy New Year! I started using cuticle oil & hand cream last year and really started to see a difference because I was so neglectful before. Best of luck in 2009!

Phyrra said...

Happy New Year!

My New Years Nail Resolution is to figure out how to properly file and shape my nails :P

Pixie said...

Happy New Year everyone!

Kristin: Thank you! I totally did pick an easy one :D Good luck with your drives licence. I'm 29 and I don't have one (yes, I suck!)

Karianne: Yeah, me + crystal file = not always a success!

Elvira: Best of luck to you too! I'm pretty sure that moisturizing makes a big difference. I hate the look of dry, ragged cuticles.

Phyrra: Gah, shaping nails is so hard. I have two nails that want to be shaped square and two that want to be round. sigh! This stuff is like rocket science!

Michelle said...

Sweet, i love the Yves Rocher cream too! Happy New Year to you :D

Pixie said...

Michelle: I like it too. Especially since it's dirt cheap lol.