Monday, January 12, 2009

NOTD: Nicole by OPI - You Just Don't Get It!

I'd like to dedicate this manicure to all the clueless people in my life - you know who you are (or maybe not). Anyway, this is a gorgeous polish. It's the only Nicole I own, mostly because I can't stand the sight of the bottles. They are supremely hideous.

I have no clue how to describe this color. Sometimes it looks like duo chrome rose and bronze, at other times I see green in there, and sometimes pink. Application was nice and easy. I think I love it!


Nixxy said...

Amen to that - awful design!
For some reason those bottle always remind me of the little hammers the doctors use to tap your knees and test your reflexes #B)

Brooke said...

I agree, the bottles look melted - lol

Pixie said...

lol, glad I'm not the only one who dislikes them. They offend my sense of symmetry!