Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This blog deals with two of my hobbies: Wearing nail polish and buying nail polish. Unfortunately I seem to like the latter better at times which results in massive buying of nail polish. Here's some of the stuff I've gotten my hands on in the last month (some of this was bought used so didn't cost much).

If you want to know what a specific polish is or where I bought it, feel free to leave a comment.

Fauxnad set from Marilyn:

Polishes from Marilyn and Michelle:

Order from BeautyRocket.co.uk (this was seriously cheap):

Eyeko polishes (with OPI for size comparison):

SpaRituals from Laura:

Fake Conad plates from Michelle:

Lippmann Fever and Shiseido Integrate polishes from Gabrielle:


Nessa said...

Wow!! Awesome haul!
Love the Lippmann Fever.

Brooke said...

OMG!!!!!!! Is that a gun I see on that konad plate in the very first pic?? I could make some killer (lol) nails with that! I NEED I WANT I GOTTA HAVE IT!! Please share where that one came from!

Flavia said...

I had never heard of BeautyRocket before, I'm definitely going to order something!
Do you know other UK based shops like this one?
Thanks! ;)

Phyrra said...

Yay you got some Finger Paints!
I really like them :)
Nice haul!

Amanda said...

I love the HT plates...the gun one is sooo cool!!! I used mine as soon as it arrived!

HeavenNRJ said...

Have you already tried Bourjois mini nail polishes? They look so tiny and cute!:)How do you like these? Especially in terms of coverage i.e. layers, and "bleeding" i.e. how messy they are? I am afraid I might end up with a bunch of cheap little cuties! lol

MandyPandy said...

Is that Sinful Color's 'Daddy's Girl', in the second pic?

Cali369 said...

UK Beauty Discounters that I know of


I didn't know about BeautyRocket though so thanks for the tip!

Cali369 said...

I have several of the mini Bourjois and the quality is pretty good. They're a little fiddly due to the small bottle/brush but opacity is good. I have a gorgeous blue which is a 2-coater. I'm not sure I'm neat enough to rate the bleeding tho!

Pixie said...

Nessa: Thanks :) I've excited to wear Fever!

Brooke: That one is from Hot Topic. I wish I could break it in half and give the gun half to you. I only wanted it for the dinosaur.

Flavia: That is the only one I know off, but maybe check out Cali's links below above :)

Phyrra: I did! The bottles are soooo cute.

Amanda: Zomg, share pics please!

Heaven: I haven't tried them yet. I think I might use them for spring and summer. They seem like those kinds of colors!

Mandy: Yup :) So pretty!

Cali: Thank you for the links!

Anonymous said...

Where do you buy fauxnad? Is it better than konad? I live in the USA...