Tuesday, February 10, 2009

NOTD: China Glaze Lasso My Heart + "Fauxnad" A02

I tried my Fauxnad (fake Konad) plates from Hong Kong for the first time today. They are amazing. Much easier to use than the real Konad plates probably because the designs are a little deeper and less detailed. If you decide to pick some up, remember that there is a layer of plastic on them that you have to peel off:

I used a flower from the Hello Kitty plate (A02) for my NOTD:


Jess said...

I've been reading your profile for a little while now and can I just say in my opinion you have the best nails out of any nail blog I know. Lovely long delicate fingers and nails!

You probably get asked this a lot but I'd love to know your secrets/tips! I can't get my nails to grow that long and I've been trying so long. They always peel and split and I do all the 'right' things, I use cuticle cream, glass/crystal file, hand cream etc. but the sides always split and the shape is then distorted and I never get the shape, length or strength of yours.

I was hoping maybe you might share tips in your posts?

I wanted to email you this long essay of mine but alas, could not find an address... I hope you don't mind.

Amanda said...

The flowers are cute! I can't wait to see others on your beautiful nails!

Phyrra said...

OMG is that hello kitty on your nail plate?

How cute :)

Stargirl said...

Hahah, it's a good thing you mention the plastic, because when I first got mine (it was my very first experience with nail art stamping) I didn't peel off the plastic, and I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't work!

Brooke said...

Where do you get the fake plates from?

I just ordered some more plates the other day, but they were the actual konad ones. I have had a little trouble with a couple of the plate designs not being deep enough.

Pixie said...

Jess: Sorry about not leaving my e-mail. I'm scared of spam lol. If you want to get a hold of me, you can always e-mail me at jinnzor AT gmail DOT com

I'd be happy to make a post about nail care. I think nails might be equal genetics, nail care, and nutrition, but I will be back with more info :D

Amanda: Awww, thanks babe. *hugs*

Phyrra: It is indeed Hello Kitty! Zomg, she is so cute lol.

Stargirl: omg, I know. The plastic is almost invisible!

Brooke: I bought them on ebay. I'm gonna e-mail you, so we can hook you up with some :D

Nessa said...

OOOoooo, I likey! For Fauxnad not bad!

Jamie said...

Beautiful! I think I'll have to look for some of those plates...deeper seems like it would be much better.

Nice haul! That's a lotta polish in your last post!

Pixie said...

Nessa: I agree! I was surprised they worked so well.

Jamie: Hehe, yep, it is a lot! If you like konad, you should definitely check out the plates. They're great!

Phyrra said...

Hey Pixie?
Where can I get the fauxnad plates here in the USA?

Pixie said...

Hi Phyrra, I think the US girls who got them bought them from the same seller on ebay: beauties_factory

However, I just checked ebay and they aren't selling them at the moment. I'm not sure why :(

Citrine said...

Hey Pixie:

Looking at your hand makes me want to grow my nail long like that...(aka, fighting a habit I have for 15 years...I am going to lose...)

That black flower printing board is so pretty!

Ky said...

OMG, thank you for mentioning the plastic. I forgot about it so kept on trying and was getting bad because they were not sticking onto the stamper. Your nails looks beautiful!!

jen said...

how do you use the nail stamp thing? can you do a tutorial on it please? =)

Pixie said...

Sorry, late replies.

Citrine: Thanks so much, girl. Your short nails look great though!

Ky: Thank you :) I know about the plastic! It's really hard to tell that it's even there!

Jen: I might make a tutorial at some point. Until then, check out this youtube video. It's great. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gilKOO3Btmw

Pixie said...

Oops, I linked to the wrong video lol. Here's the correct Konad one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9jdJebs31E

Anonymous said...

I was wondering where you got your hellokitty image plate. >0<
i love hellokitty! she's kute!

well, email me at hansenaxiong@hotmail.com