Friday, February 27, 2009

NOTD: China Glaze Harmony

Don't forget the Fauxnad giveaway!

Woah. This is fabulous! I was very surprised to discover that I love this! A lot of bloggers have been complaining about the formula. They need to put down the crack pipe, because the formula is AMAZING. It just glides onto the nail and it's incredibly pigmented. The picture is one coat, and I don't even remember the last time I could get away with one coat of polish. It looks like there are brush stokes in the picture, but I really don't see them in real life.

China Glaze Romantiques - Gotta Catch Them All (or maybe just buy....)


Brooke said...

OK two great things just happened in that post!!

1st - put down the crack pipe

2nd - gotta catch them all!

I am lmao - for real!

I have about 4 or 5 of these from this collection and I have only used them to konad with, not paint my nail. I will have to try them out and see how I like formula or if I need to put down my crack pipe :) :) :) <-----that's how much I am lmao over here )

Shadowy Lady said...

I have this too and wearing today! yeyy, my np twin :)

Vanessa said...

It's amazingly gorgeous!!
I have only tried Poetic from this collection, and I had a little trouble with it, but I really think that it had to do with me putting on too much (too thick of a layer) since like you say, they seem to be very pigmented. I'll try it again :)

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

Hahahaa @ "put down the crack pipe"!

I love China Glaze! I haven't gotten any from the Romantiques collection yet (I don't think...losing track now!) LOL!

This color looks dreamy and soft...*swoon*

Jamie said...

That's so lovely and romantic...*sigh*

Nessa said...

Wow one coat! That is unheard of! I have one of these from the collection and I only got it for Konading b/c I've heard it's really good for that. This is great, love the color on you. Maybe I will try mine as a whole NOTD and not just for use for Konad!
Thanks for the post and great info!

Pixie said...

Brooke: rofl, it sort of makes me giggle too.

Shadowy Lady: NP twins indeed :D Don't you think it's just lovely? So great!

Vanessa: Yes, they are a little bit strange. I've never tried a formula quite like it.

PBG: lol, you should totally try one. I think you'd like them.

Jamie: I agree. So spring.

Nessa: One coat is AMAZING in my opinion. I think the pigmentation is why they are great for Konad too. I can't wait to use mine for that.

Phyrra said...

I have Joy, Adore and Awaken. I love them :) Soo pretty!

The Asian Girl said...

Yes, I agree, PUT DOWN THE CRACK PIPE! I was very impressed by the formula. When I first saw the collection, I didn't think I'd buy any until I saw other bloggers using it for Konad. I only bought the Romantiques I own for future Konad use (considering I'm currently sporting stumps, I'm not in a Konad state of mind) but swatched it alone...very, very nice. My favorite is Awaken, a gorgeous charcoal gray.