Wednesday, February 25, 2009

NOTD: Misa Bojangles

Don't forget the Fauxnad giveaway!

Ohhhh. OHHHHH. You guys, this polish is awesome. Application is fantastic and I fell in love with the shimmer the second it hit my nails. I kept asking myself why I hadn't tried out Misa before, but then I realized it's because I think the bottle is ugly. I can live with an ugly bottle when the polish inside is fabulous, and this polish really is! The color changes from pink in bright light to a warmer coral tone. The duochrome effect is beautiful. Love!

I want to buy 4 million Misas now. Someone stop me!


Sanna said...

your nails look puuuurfect

Phyrra said...

It looks very pretty on you :)
And I bet you didn't have to apply 4 coats!

Vanessa said...

OooH; this is really nice indeed :)

Brooke said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Misa's bottles :) I love the square bottles so much, they always fit so nicely in their storage boxes :)

I have 24 misa's and I have loved every color I have tried. It really is such a nice nail polish brand.

Where the heck is our order?! Seems everyone has gotten their Sumnmer Days but us :)

Jamie said...

Well, they're inexpensive, right? ;-)

I love this color on you - just gorgeous. I have a couple Misa's on my "want list" too...payday is Friday!

ingegerd said...

yeas your nails look fantastic!!!

Michelle said...

It's beautiful!!! And Misa is one of my favourite brands, you must get some more!

Pixie said...

Sanna: Thank you. I think this is a good length for them.

Phyrra: Thanks babe. And yes! This is not a 4-coater (woot woot)

Vanessa: Thank you :)

Brooke: You crazy square-bottle-loving woman!

Jamie: You're right! I should buy them all :p

Ingegerd: Thank you :)

Michelle: Thanks hon. You are right. I must get more!