Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ooh la la

Look what the postie brought today! A package from Brooke.

She was kind enough to let me have some stuff shipped to her house, and she then sent it on to me in one big package! She even included some extra goodies:

Notice how she matched the packaging to my nail polish? The woman is a genius!
Lets have a look at what was inside:

Finger Paints and Sinful!

I luuurve Coloramas!

The stuff I bought:
Unpacked:I also got the SEA HORSE Konad plate (it has #m27, but in my head it will always be SEA HORSE plate):My kittehs wondering why Dinky wasn't included:

Thank you, Brooke. You're such a sweet heart :)


Brooke said...

It was my pleasure dear! I hope to be seeing those goodies on ya real soon! Dinky would be scared of those kittys - she such a little timid thing!

Sasha said...

What a great package! I should be getting a big box delivered from Trans Design tomorrow and I am so excited to open it! It'll be like Christmas!

You kittys are adorable!

MissPurple said...

OMG you lucky!
What a package =)

Vanessa said...

Hey lucky girl!
That's a great stash of new polishes to play around with!
Will be checking for NOTD's :)

Brooke said...

hey - what is that yellow deal with the cords and hoses in the bottom pic? curiosity has gotten the best of me and i can't for the life of me figure it out?

Pixie said...

Brooke: rofl, it's my vacum cleaner! I was vacuming when the postie knocked on the door :)

And thanks again. I love the polishes so much that the cats and I will be ok without Dinky.

Sasha: Yay, what are you getting from TD?

MissPurple: I am lucky :)

Vanessa: I can't wait to start using them. No idea where to start!

Steph said...

Oooh great haul! Which fingerpaint did you yet? Looks like maybe gumdrop or be a palette? I absolutely love getting nail polish!! :)

Sasha said...

My TD order? Too long to list in this comment box!

Here's my post on my personal blog about what I ordered:

In addition to that, I also ordered for friends and coworkers! Total order was $173.XX!

Pixie said...

Steph: You've got good eyes! It is indeed Be A Palette!

Sasha: lol $173, that is awesome! I checked out your list and there are some GREAT polishes! Enjoy :)

Shadowy Lady said...

wow that's a lot of stuff! Can't wait to read your thoughts on these new polishes

Pixie said...

Shadowy Lady: Yes! There are so many lol. Swatching these is going to be so much fun.

vki said...

SEAHORSE PLATE! I've wanted a konad ever since I saw that plate!

Phyrra said...

Yay you get some Finger Paints!
I love Finger Paints!
Sinful can be nice, too!
Oooh, I haven't seen coloramas available in forever! I used to love those!

I want to know what all colors you received :)

Thepunkcat said...

That is one great haul!
And those kitties are too cute ^-^

Citrine said...

cute kitties...I am going to get one once If get my own place...My roommate threatens to kick me out if I bring any mammals to our place (including guys I supposed...) so I was thinking about a rat or Guinea pig just for the heck of it.

The hot pink shade looks cute too.

Pixie said...

vki: everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) needs a seahorse plate lol!

Phyrra: Coloramas are awesome, aren't they! I shall make a post with the names of my pretties for you :)

Eru: Thanks hun :) I do love my kitties.

Citrine: Cats are awesome. I hope you can get one at some point. Until then I'd recommend getting a gerbil. I have one and I love him to bits. They are easy to care for and they don't smell or bite!