Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Swatch Party! Eyeko, Nubar Sweet Nothings, and Hong Kong Glitters

Hi peeps! I finally got around to swatching some polishes on my lemming wheel. The glitters are one coat, Eyekos two coats, and Nubars 3 coats.

Click to enlarge:

1: Eyeko Disco - Dense silver glitter
2: Eyeko Red - Tomato red creme (love this one!)

3: Eyeko Pastel - Baby blue with subtle teal shimmer

4: Eyeko Pretty - Baby pink creme

5: HK Glitter Fuchsia

6: HK Glitter Purple

7: HK Glitter Multi

8: HK Glitter Copper/peach

9: HK Glitter Gold

10: HK Glitter Blue
11: HK Glitter Teal

12: HK Glitter Silver

13: Nubar Candy Apple

14: Nubar Lemon Drop Dazzle
15: Nubar Strawberry Punch
16: Nubar Peach Sherbet
17: Nubar Iced Licorice
18: Nubar Cotton Candy

First lets talk about the Eyeko polishes. It took forever for them to deliver, but the polishes them selves do deliver! They have great pigmentation (there's only two coats on the lemming wheel) and application, and the brush is not as annoying as it looks. I'll definitely be ordering the two last Eyeko polishes. They are £3.00 at
http://www.eyeko.com/ and shipping is free!

I'm not as thrilled about the Hong Kong Glitters (I think the brand might be called "HQ", but I'm not sure). I bought these from Paul Lee Design on ebay. The polishes are very cheap, but shipping is expensive. They smell REALLY BAD. A nasty, chemical smell that will eat your brain. Honestly I'm afraid of putting them on my nail. Ingredients weren't listed on the bottles, so I have no idea what's in them.

The Nubars are from the Sweet Nothings Collection. I've talked about that collection earlier, because I wanted Iced Licorice. The other colors looked nice as well, so I picked up the collection pack. The colors are somewhat sheer but buildable. The lemming wheel shows 3 coats. They have very nice micro glitter. I'm excited to see how they will compare with the China Glaze summer collection.


Lina-Elvira said...

I'm loving the Nubars :) Looks like I might need to pick myself up some of those :) Going to check out the eyeko's now! :)

Phyrra said...

The nubars look gorgeous.

Amanda said...

You guys are such enablers with those Nubars...:-D

Pixie said...

lol, I really do like the Nubars. Wish the light colors were a little less sheer, but they are still pretty!

Michelle said...

I love the Eyeko silver!!! :D

Brooke said...

I was checking out those glitter ones on ebay (I have you to blame for that lol) Glad I didn't get em :)

Jian said...

The nubars look *really* nice! Where can you get them from?

Helen said...

The Eyeko polishes are jus awesome :) Where do you have the swatch thing from ?