Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another Haultastic Month!

Updated with names, cause you told me to....meanies ;)

During the last month I have gotten several amazing nail polish packages from the US. I'm lucky enough to know some lovely girls who don't mind helping me out. Thank you Brooke and Michy :)

China Glaze Summer DaysCherry Pie, Grape Juice, Strawberry Fields, Watermelon Rind, Rasberry Festival, Orange Marmelade

Sinfuls#145 Coco Diamond, #203 Agaci, #220 Green Ocean, #102 Purple Diamond, #85 Orange Ocean, #813 What's Your Name

Misas (LOVE these)
For the Woman with a Secret, Girls Night Out, The Grass is Greener on my Side, Bikini with a Martini, She's a Wanderer

Drop Dead Gorgeous, Disco Inferno, She's a River, Solitude, Days of Wine and Roses

Can You Dig It, It's Raining Men, Mood, Winds of Change, Strawberry Fields Forever

Ink, Overexposed in South Beach, Pretty & Privileged, Suzi & the Lifeguard, Done Out in Deco, Sand in My Suit

My boy friend just came back from a business trip to Houston. He had been instructed to go to Sephora and pick up some awesome stuff I can't get it Denmark, and he did a great job. Thanks hon :)


Phyrra said...

I need to know polish names :)
I know the CG Summer Days ones ;)

Awesome boyfriend!

Anne Karin said...

You lucky girl ;) Do you have the names for the two pink Misas and the Sinful brown?

Body and Soul said...

Haultastic month, indeed! They're all lovely colors and you'll love the Misa's. Your boyfriend did well, too:)

Katie said...

Lucky you!!I'm officially jealous of all those great colours that I will never find in Greece :P!!Enjoy them girl!!

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

omg loove the polishes and that blushes[ ?] they are soo pretty

Shadowy Lady said...

that's a lot of stuff. I wanna know all the names too.

I'm also waiting on my ChG Summer Days, it's hard to wait!!

Vanessa said...

I need the names as well :)

Nessa said...

Woah! That is pretty haultastic! Great colors, Pixie!

Pixie said...

Phyrra: They all have names now :)

Anne Karin: The post is now updated with names :D

Body and Soul: The Misas are so gorgeous!

Katie: Ya, I know. We don't get any of these in Denmark either lol.

Yumeko: Thank you :) The Cargo products are a bronzer and I think the other one is a highlighter or very light blush

Saadeh: You're going to love Summer Days. Those polishes are amazing!

Vanessa: Names are up :D

Nessa: Thanks hun :)

Phyrra said...

Drop Dead Gorgeous, Solitude, Days of wine and Roses look awesome!

BlueMeanie said...

I would love to see SpaRitual Winds of Change on your nails. Have you tried it already? Is it sheer?

Vanessa said...

I'm dying to see the Sinfuls on your nails! I'm planning to submit an order next time Cherry Culture has a sale, which will include a big bunch of Sinful polishes ;)
I've been eying the #203 Agaci, is it sheer you think?

Pixie said...

Phyrra: Such rich colors. I love them too!

BlueMeanie: I haven't tried it yet, but I can tell that it is very sheer. I think it's more of a glitter topcoat really.

Vanessa: Yay for Cherry Culture! Agaci is pretty sheer. I think it's one of the colors you have to layer over something else. It's very pretty though!