Sunday, March 8, 2009

NOTD: Zoya Elodie + (fake) Konad m11 and some new makeup

I felt like wearing something fun, so I stamped my Zoya Elodie mani with some of the cute images from Konad plate m11 (mine is a fake version, but you can find the same images on the real Konad plate).

I also wanted to share a couple of pictures of some fabulous makeup items I've just gotten. First up: Clarins Nature's Tempation palette (click to enlarge):

I got this because of the reviews that Jojoba and Eru posted. It's beautiful! I also got Estee Lauder Shimmer Powder in Fleur De Lys after reading the review by Haru.

Yay for spring and summer collections :)


Citrine said...

The prints are so cute...(I think I will probably paint them with white out on my nail though...those faces seem to be simple enough...)

And the teal in that palette is so pretty! I usually love love everything that has something to do with floral pattern, but I am not a big fan of actual print on the pan, simple because I buy them with every intention to use on my face, and once they are wore out, the pan wouldn't be pretty anymore...

The MAC rose romance git me when I first saw it, then I realized that the rose print reminds me of skin of those saggy shar pei dogs...

Another thing, I gave up on eye shadow...Have been practicing for over a year and my makeup still scares my roommate when she comes home at midnight...

Thepunkcat said...

You're gonna love the Clarins palette!! ^-^ the Fleur de Lys powder is really beautiful, but I know I'd never use it... the design is too pretty to mess it! X_x.
I'm completely smitten with the tiny carrot you have in one of your nails!

Phyrra said...

That fleur is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

This estee lauder powdes is great!!Also elodie is a lovely colour I think I'm gonna try to find it and buy it too!!

Jen said...

Haha! I JUST did a konadicure with those same images last week. :)

Too cute.

Pixie said...

Citrine: I think white out could work if you have a steady hand. I don't really unfortunately :/

Oh noes about the eyeshadow! I'm the opposite. People will comment when I don't wear any because there I look very tired. I think it's also related to the shape of the eyelid. Bold colors are probably more noticable with your eye shape. Maybe people just need to get used to seeing your with makeup!

Eru: I love that image too! I can't wait to use the palette!

Phyrra: I totally agree. So beautiful.

Katie: I love Elodie. Very appropriate for warm summer weather.

Jen: I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves those cute images :)