Saturday, March 28, 2009

NOTD: Sally Hansen Fuchsia Flare + Diamonds

Well look at this hot mess!

Today provides another proof that I just do not learn. You'd think I'd have given up on Sally Hansen now (except for the awesome nail prism which she discontinued... bitch), but NO. I keep buying them. This one was from a lot I bought on ebay. I don't think it's available anymore, at least not in this style of bottle. If it is discontinued/reformulated I don't consider it a great loss since this polish sucks. Application is terrible. The brush sucks and it appears to scrape polish off when you're applying subsequent layers, sort of like what some holos do if you don't let layers dry in between. The finish just looks gross; it's somewhere between glossy and matte and it doesn't appear to be even. I guess the correct term is "slimy". Pigmentation sucks. The picture is 3 coats and it's still not opaque. It also made some disgusting looking bubbles that don't show in the pic.

Looks like crap. But we all know what cures crap, right? Glitter does! So I digged out another Sally Hansen polish. This one is Diamond from the reformulated/rebottled Diamond Strength line (should be named the Satan line instead if you ask me). It actually sort of surprised me by being not ugly and decent to apply. I guess I can live with this manicure for another day.


Anne Karin said...

Love your 'satan polish'-label *lol* Slimey, crappy polish sound really bad, so thanks for the warning :D

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

gah i hate it when i buy a new bottle and it turns out crap
but yes glitter cures all

The Asian Girl said...

lol Satan! Seriously, Sally Hansen's getting a bit uppity with their prices. You can buy better brands at their current prices online. I do miss their older stuff, though.

Lucy said...

It's a crappy day here in New Jersey. Grey out and you are determined to get a laugh out of me. I haven't used many Sally Hansen polishes. When I see the prices I know I'd rather buy bettter brands. Asian Girl is right about them getting "uppity". Satan polish is just too much!

tarotbydiana said...

Diamonds certainly prettied it up! I have Diamonds in my untrieds. I've been wanting to wear it over a grey creme.

Pixie said...

Anna Karin: lol, glad you like it. I hope I won't find more polishes in that category!

Yumeko: Yes, it sucks when you're excited about it too :(

The Asian Girl: I really don't understand Sally Hansen's marketing. It's so weird!

Lucy: *hugs* hope today is a better day!

tarotbydiana: I think Diamond is pretty nice. Good for blinging up a creme!