Sunday, March 29, 2009

NOTD: Sinful #19 Strip Poker

I wonder if the name of this polish will cause IT departments around the world to block my blog. That would be sort of fun.

After one coat of this, I was afraid I had picked another Satan polish. It's was sheer and streaky and full of brushstrokes, but after three coats it was beautiful.
It is frosty, so you have to be careful with your application, but it's also absolutely gorgeous.


Vanessa said...

Lovely color!

Velvet said...

So pretty! I'll have to see my local drug store carries that color! Thanks for the warning about haw it applies at first and to not give up on it.Lol!

Body and Soul said...

That's a nice, delicate lavender. I love Sinful's, even though most are at least 3-coaters!

Amanda said...

This looks like a color that would not work for me but it looks so pretty on you...makes me want it anyway :-)

gio said...

That is a lovely color!

tarotbydiana said...

I've been really into pale lavenders for pedis lately. After being sadly Sinful-free, I found a local Walgreen's has them. After I pay bills this week, I am going polish hunting. :)

Pixie said...

Vanessa: It's so pretty and delicate :)

Velvet: Do check it out if you have the chance. I think it's one of the nicer Sinfuls.

Body and Soul: Yes, I think all of mine have been 3 coaters. They're so cheap though! I don't mind.

Amanda: Hush! It would totally work for you. It just doesn't have the kind of bling you require ;)

gio: It's very pretty.

tarotbydiana: That is cool that you can get them locally. They're really cheap too! Some of them are a little hard to work with, but often the final result is worth it :)

Lucy said...

It is a pretty color. Looks so nice on. I have loads of Sinful Colors. I really like them and they have a nice color selection.