Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter Exchange "Haul" and Cute Lipbalms

I recently took part in a nail polish gift exchange on a forum that I'm a member off. My "elf" (the person who sent me a gift) was the gorgeous Karianne, and I just can't believe how awesome her package is. Everything was wrapped in Easter themed wrapping paper (I don't have a picture of that since I unpacked it really fast). Look at the huge box she sent:

The box was full of goodies:

From left to right the polishes are: Rimmel 830 Camouflage, OPI Aphrodite's Pink Nightie, OPI DS Extravagance, OPI Purple With a Purpose, Nivea Beauté 01 Sugar, China Glaze Fiji Fling, Petites Lime Freeze, Depend Nr. 138.

Isn't she the
bomb? Her blog is awesome too. Go check it out if you haven't already!

I've also sent my Easter Elf package to someone (not Karianne), but I can't tell you who it is yet since she hasn't recieved the package.

I also had time to drop by the post office where another package was waiting: Lipbalms from Vintage Sister. I bought these after reading the review on Musings of a Muse.

I got two sets:
They had two of my favorite types of flavors: Sour (I actually eat lemons at times lol) and coffee (I could survice on lemons and coffee alone, I think).

The packaging is so cute. The tins open up to reveal little tins of lipgloss.

I haven't opened mine yet (need to finish some other lipbalms first), but Musings of a Muse has pictures of the open tins.

The trios were $12 each at Vintage Sister. I don't remember what shipping was, but I remember thinking it was very resonable for international shipping.


Anonymous said...

YOu know what? I hate you! ;)
Yesterday I ordered 5 new konad slates because of you, and now I just ordered 3 trios of lipbalms!!
So...my bank account hates you!!



Yumeko said...

omg those lipbalms are so cute
i never used the type of a jar like that before
i usually use a lippie form one

Shamini said...

Thanks for the tip on Vintage Sister! I just ordered 4 single lip balms, and I paid $6 for international (Norway) shipping, probably the same as you did. :)

Laure said...

Marie you read my mind. My bank account is also feeling a little stressed every time I read this site ;)

queenie said...

Love those lip balms!! I have to order some!

Phyrra said...

Incidentally I love Fiji Fling! I'd love to see you wearing it :)

Mary said...

Very nice gifts from your Elf! Those lip balms are too cute, I'll have to check them out. Yummy, lemon and coffe, 2 of my favorite flavors, too :)

Lina-Elvira said...

Oh wow :D Lip balms look hot!!

gio said...

Those lip balms are sooo cute!!

Citrine said...

Love those lip balm tins...

I have been zooming around the net to find a good place to get a konad plate (plus scrapper/stamp)to stamp my removable hard drive...good thing I am cheap enough to not buy any (yet) So I don't hate you...

The coffee balm sounds yummy, I want the lime colored one ast well...I might get some since I can't drink coffee at all. (If I have a cup in the morning, I would be still awake at 3am...)

Ethereal Prey said...

You're from denmark too?! I thought you would have statues of hamlet all over the place, guess not, mel gibson is so not hot though. LOL! those lipbalms are super cute! now i'm so tempted!

Pixie said...

Marie: lol, give your bank account a hug from me and say sowwy ;)

Yumeko: I actually like the types that you have to apply with a brush. I don't have very dry lips so I usually just use them morning and evening.

Shamini: Yes, that's probably it. It's nice that they don't overcharge for shipping!

Laure: *hugs* to your bank account too ;)

Queenie: They are so cute, aren't they? I love the packaging.

Phyrra: I hope to wear it soon! Great spring/summer color.

Mary: Yay, another lemon and coffee lover!

Lina-Elvira: They are just the cutest!

gio: Agree 100% :D

Citrine: What a cool idea. If you are just looking for a cheap set, I'd check out ebay. Sometimes you can find a really good deal for sets there.

Not being able to drink coffee would probably kill me. I don't even know how many cups I drink a day :(

Ethereal Prey: *waves* I don't even think we have a single Hamlet statue here! Can you believe it?