Monday, April 6, 2009

NOTD: Color Club Feel The Beat

Ohhhh, pretty. This is such a lovely coppery orangy polish. Very warm. Application was quite good. The picture is three coats.


Nixxy said...

I usually don't like oranges, but that is gorgeous!

Yumeko said...

wow that is vibrantttttttt

Thepunkcat said...

That orange is absolutely stunning, so shimmery and vibrant!!
Lovely :D
And I really like how your new Nfu-Oh polishes look as well!

Mary said...

Is it copper? Orange? Whatever it is, I really like it! Very different and eye-catching.

Shadowy Lady said...

this is very hot. I'm digging coppery/orange colours lately too

Brooke said...

I like this one! Looks really good on you :)

Lydia said...

I love oranges, this one reminds me of Nickie's fave from the nicole by opi line!

Velvet said...

I have this polish and really like it. Looks great on you.

Lucy said...

I don't really like orange polish so much. But this one looks so beautiful on you. I think I will have to put it on my "wants" list.

Pixie said...

Nixxy: Same here :)

Yumeko: It really does glow!

Eru: It's a lovely orange!

Mary: I really don't know, but I like it too!

Saadeh: It must be because it's summer soon.

Brooke: Thank you, hun :)

Lydia: Ohh, I don't think I've seen that Nicole. I should look for it.

Velvet: Thank you :)

Lucy: I think it's one of the more wearable oranges for sure. You'll like it :)