Thursday, December 31, 2009

Senna Cosmetics Haul

Another one of those Christmas presents to me from me. I heard about Senna Cosmetics from Risa on youtube. I decided to get some of the items that were on sale. I also got a brush that I've already misplaced. They shipped very quickly and included a lot of nice skincare samples.

Face Sculpting Kit ($10) and Burnished Bronzer($8):
When I first saw the bronzer; I thought it was very dark, but it's not as scary when applied. I like how the brush isn't placed directly on top of the powder. There is a plastic cover like a lot of asian brands use.

The "Envelope" palette in Neutral ($50):

The envelope palette is my favorite item. I think $50 is a really good value for what you get. The palette is really big as well. I thought it would be like a MAC 15 pan, but it's much, much bigger. It's made of some weird plasticy material that does tend to get a bit dirty. Because of the size I probably won't travel with it, but I really like it for doing my everyday boring makeup.
It's available on their website in more colorful versions as well. Most of the shadows are very nice quality though some do have glitter that transfers to my cheeks during the day (a co-worker asked me why I had silver on my face...)


hitomi said...

pahaha having glitter on your face..nice look ^_~ good haul