Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year, Dyrberg Kern Sale and EOTD

Happy New Year! Hope you guys had a fun night :)

I was out shopping a bit yesterday, and discovered that one of my favorite makers of jewelry is having a sale (online as well as in the stores): Dyrberg Kern. All the autumn/winter collections are discounted. I had gotten a bit of it for Christmas, and I picked up a few pieces in the sale:

The two necklaces on the left are from the Caviar collection while the bracelets are from the Cushion collection. Both collections have a 40% discount on the website (I'm not affiliated though I totally wish I was!). Sorry about the crappy pics. The ones on the website are way better.

Ok, enough shopping for now. I get asked a lot why I don't do FOTD (face of the day) or EOTD (eye of the day) with all the makeup I buy. There are several different reasons. I generally don't do very dramatic makeup. Quite often it's boring neutral looks. I don't have the time to take good pictures of my makeup. I do my makeup in the morning when, and it's often pretty dark. Finally I have horrendous, uncoverable undereye circles and wrinkles from using contacts not very gently for 15 years. Because of the circles, anything but light eyeliner on my lower lashline makes me look extremely sick and tired.

That said, here is an EOTD that I was actually pretty happy with.
The phono didn't turn out so hot, but oh well!
I used MAC Bare Study as a base with MAC Ricepaper all over the lid, MAC Expensive Pink and Sketch in the outer V and crease, and MAC Vanilla for my brow highlight. MAC Embronze glitter liner on the upper lashline and Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara. You really can't see all this stuff on the eye; can you?


Citrine said...

I can see rice paper, eyeliner and the mascara.I never bother with look of the day myself since there is a small fold on my eyes that are just wide enough to eat away everything I wear (including mascara)so I have 2 choice:

a. One color allover the lid.
b.eyeliner allover the eyes.

hitomi said...

i can see it all first i only see ricepaper but on second glance its all there ^^ i really like the Expensive Pink, subtle but not overpowering~

Musicalhouses said...

I can't really see all the stuff on the eye, but it looks gorg anyway! :) Very subtle and classy :)