Tuesday, March 10, 2009

NOTD: Nubar Lemon Drop Dazzle

I love the name. Lemon Drop Dazzle. How cool! I love the color too even though it's sheer. The micro glitter is just amazing. I keep looking at the pretty sparkles on my nails. The picture is 3 coats.


Helen said...

Gorgeous! Those are really cool; I have the Candy Apple, I guess they are the same, texture wise.

Yumeko said...

it does look sheer but it looks really nice at the same time
i bet it looks good as a graduation nail!

Brooke said...

I would like this 10 x's more if it wasn't sheer! But since my nails are so short I wouldn't know a sheer if it hit me in the face!

Anonymous said...

I think this is the colour I need for a holiday celebration. It's the right colour for Chinese Near Year for sure! :P

Inge said...

Vanessa: Ya, I think the whole collection is like that. The darker colors do have a bit more pigmentation.

Yumeko: I think it would look beautiful as a graduation mani. So far I've been too lazy to try though :D

Brooke: lol, why are you nails short, hun? Cause of the acrylics?

jojoba: I think it would work beautifully for that! It's so sparkly and festive.